About Lakewood Cleaners

Lakewood Cleaners has served local communities since 1989 in Highwood.

Lakewood Cleaners is on-premises cleaners, and provides professional cleaning service for your garments and household-items. Garment and clothing is handled by own facility. We do not send out customers' items, unless necessary. Thus, Lakewood Cleaners can provide dedicated and satisfactory service to our customers.

Mimi, the owner, provides perfect alterations that meet your true needs and bring perfect fit to your garments. Let us know your request, and we will make it happen with the best.
We also care our customers' health and use professional wet cleaning & new generation hydrocarbon dry cleaning for your clothes (No perchloroethylene, aka. Perc).

We just opened a new location in Highland Park to extend our exceptional service to Highland Park directly.

Thank you for your interest and business!