Utmost Quality and Service

Providing Great Care for Your Precious Garment

Wet Cleaning

No chemical solvent is used. Professional water based cleaning restores vibrant color and natural feeling of your luxury garment.

Fine Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning with Halogen-free solvent provides skin-safe cleaning to you.

Tailoring & Alteration

Our full-service alterations and tailoring bring perfect fit and shape to your garment, regardless of any kind.

Leather, Suede, Fur

For longevity of leather, suede, & fur, annual cleaning is recommended. Lakewood Cleaners provide professional cleaning to refresh your leather and garment. Plus, Uggs are cleaned too.

Pillow & Comforter

Over time, pillow & comforter become flat, or loose their fluffiness. Allergens such as dust and pollen are built up. Lakewood Cleaners clean your bedding to restore the clean and crisp feeling.

Household Items

As season changes, your household items may need cleaning. Let Lakewood Cleaners help the chores and make your life easier.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service

Lakewood Cleaners provide expert cleaning for your damaged garment with high success rate. Remove stains, smoke, or odors from your garment or household items.

Wedding Gown Preservation

A professional cleaning processes will make your dress look bright again. Preserve your gown with professional touches, and relay & share those precious memories with your family and friends.

First Customer 20% Off

We offer 20% off on the first order for new customers. 

*Garment and household item cleaning only.